give blood, give life to a thalassaemia victim
Your donation can save many lives



A small one room blood bank it was until the helpless parents of a child from within the community, approached the bank with many an aspiration. The young doctors pledged to do their best, which then was provide properly screened blood for transfusion to the little child. This aroused an emergent urge within the lads to create a Thalassemia center where these little souls would find their right to live.

A well planned and structured Thalassemia center started taking shape, whilst the members started taking on registrations and within no time a list of helpless little children portrayed their wish to live in the form of registrations.

His excellency Mr. Mamnoon Hussain who in the 1990’s served as the Governor for Sindh, inaugurated the premises which had been constructed meticulously to fulfill a dream- a vision that gleamed in our eyes!

It has been an uphill task, as voluntary blood from family donors was sparse and red liquid sold on the streets in the name of blood. Since then till date the registrations have doubled of people who walk in through the gates with a hope to live.


Many a times running this project, fulfilling the needs of life seems so worthless and taken for granted. Where the words of appreciation hardly come through, and the realities of scarcity of funds and the numbers of blood donors seem really low, but in these times with our faith beating strongly within our hearts, we watch the robust high tide and then the waters disappear at low tide, knowing for sure that the waves will come back and thus we with our team of dedicated doctors, technicians, administrators and well-wishers continue to strive relentlessly to do our best.


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